21 January 2018

Mary, Mary - Where Ya Comin' From?

Brain went walkies. Hopefully back soon.
Meanwhile, less words, more pictures.

Mary Fleener has a word for those comics that draw heavily on the lives of the creators -  Biographix.
I like it. And it reflects her roots in the underground comix world.

20 January 2018

A Fleener Nooner

Enjoy a midday break of Mary Fleener's wonderful works -

Y'know, i'd love to take a bunch of Mary's full page cubismo pieces to an adult colouring group and see what came out.

Next time, get a little closer to the woman behind the work.

all art by Mary Fleener from Life Of The Party, Slutburger, and ...? (1990, 1996)

More Fun With Fleener

One of the many fascinating things about Mary Fleener's artwork relates to her wordless, or sparsely worded, 'cubismo' styled strips. With so much going on in them, and so much able to be read into them, some can be chopped up into pieces and mixed into a new dish...

...or doings with a magical wishing fish -

It's a weirdly beautiful world Mary lives in.

Of course, that does no justice to 20 pages of story, but it can be so easy to lose oneself in the visuals that story will construct itself. (Or is it just my head that works that way?)

art by Mary Fleener from Fleener #s 1 & 2 (1996)

Fleener Coverings

Before we dive deeper into Mary Fleener's comics, let's take a gander (a goose, even, if that's your preference) at a mutant handful more of her covers -

If you're only going to have one Mary Fleener comic publication, ^this^ is the one you want. Over 150 pages of her comics collected from various publications over the previous two decades. It's a terrific party for your eyes and brain.

covers by Mary Fleener for the books of which they're covers (Duh)

Ah, Love...

Yesterday was fun & games, not (overt) puzzles, so no Saturday Solutions are required.
Instead, we'll carry on with the Fleener Fun all day today.

Let's start with Mary Fleener's first comic work - a 1984 mini-comic created in collaboration with John Eberly-

In its way, a better "Love Story" than Romeo & Juliet.
After all - it lasted more than two days,they weren't infatuated teenagers, they didn't kill anyone, and they lived happy together.

True Love is usually deeply disturbing, eh?

They Were In Love from John Eberly and Mary Fleener (1984)