24 April 2018

Un-StarWars Un-Comics - Part II: A Matter Of Monsters!

Continued from this morning's post...

Concluded this evening...

pages from Pizzazz #s 4-6 (1978)

Un-StarWars Un-Comics - Part I: A New Strip

It's time for some more Un-Comics!
For those who've not encountered the term here previously, un-comics are what we call comics that come from places other than comics - from magazines, convention programs, books, etc.,.

Today, we're looking at un-comics from a Star Wars that never was. Way back in 1977 when there was only one movie with an uncertain future, Marvel's Pizzazz magazine picked up the adventure right where the movie left off.

Now, i'm going to admit a bit of heresy here...
 I never really got into the extended Star Wars universe. I watched the movies, but that was about it. (Not counting things like being suited as a wookie for early Star Wars performances and things like that. Still got the wookie sounds down pat.) So, i'm sure that these have probably been either reprinted in comicbook version, or reformatted into a single story at some point. But, perhaps not?
After all - the licensing rules have changed dramatically in the intervening years.

Either way, i'm going to re-present them here in the original form. After all - it's Roy Thomas, Howard Chaykin, Tony DeZuniga, Marie Severin, Archie Goodwin, George Roussos, Jim Novak...  quite a cast of creators laying out the new tales in 3 page chapters.

In keeping with tradition, we'll be presenting the first story arc in three parts, but we won't make you wait years between releases; we'll get it all done today.

We pick up shortly after the medals awarding ceremony at the end of the first movie...

Continued in today's midday post.

pages from Pizzazz #s 1-3 (1977)

23 April 2018

Blue Monday Blues

Hardware issues from last year re-manifesting in the main system, causing much difficulties around here. Posting might get a bit sporadic for a bit. Fortunately, i access the net through an ancient laptop, so we can still get a quickie post up for today's Blue Monday in our adult content back room.

We've got a trio of odds & ends that were in the digital pile - a set of plates from  D. Bruce Berry, whom i know best from his work inking Jack Kirby during his DC time in the 70s. These come to us from the Weirdbook zine back in '79. Following that, a brief History Of Art by Roy Lartigue from 1960's 7 11 magazine. (Whether Roy is a name, or a title for a more well-known Latrigue, i've yet to find time to ascertain) And lastly, Choice Cuts - a short piece by Cary Bates and Russ Heath coming to us from Vampirella 40 years ago.
Here are 4 of the 6 portfolio plates from Berry -

The other two plates, and other two features, may be viewed in the full version of this post on The Other Voice Of ODD!

 pages from Weirdbook #14, 7 11 (March'60), and Vampirella #67 (1960, 1978, 1979)

Blue Monday Calendar 2018 Week 17

This week's calendar painting from Gil Elvgren follows close suit to last week's piece - another advertising commission, this one for a Ditzler advertisement from 1969 -

art by Gil Elvgren (1969)

22 April 2018

The Statues Walked My Darling Into Time

My thanks once again to Steven Thompson for recommending Lou Cameron. I've been very much enjoying digging into his work, and i hope the rest of you have been enjoying this sampling of his comics.
To conclude our weekend with Lou Cameron, we have a varied trio of tales a mix of Romance, Science Fiction, and Weird Horror - Goodbye, My Darling, Mission Into Time, and The Night The Statues Walked -

As we've seen, although the new Unsleeping Dead collection may focus on Lou Cameron's horror work, he was at home in many genres - Horror, Science Fiction, Romance, Crime, War, Adventure....  
However, Lou fans might note that there is one particular genre we pointedly have not touched upon this weekend.

That's a topic for another day.

page art by Lou Cameron from Young Romance #89, Space Action #3, and Web Of Myster #19 (1952, 1953, 1957)

Sunday James-free Cameron Matinee

We continue our weekend with Lou Cameron with - yes, you guess it - another trio of tales from the '50s.

When we kicked off this look at Lou, we saw how he handled the changing perspectives of The Man Who Couldn't Stop Growing. With The Man With The Magic Touch we get an inverted variation on the visual theme...

In The Frogmen Sleuths we get to see how Lou handles underwater environments...

To wrap up this set, Operation Comeback gives us a look at World War III -

We'll close out this look at Lou weekend this evening with another trio of tales.
But it certainly won't be our last look at Lou Cameron.

page art by Lou Cameron for House Of Secrets #12, Gang Busters #12, and World War III #1 (1952, 1958)